Green light for your mains connection


MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH is your partner for everything relating to guidelines for mains connections and grid surveys. As an independent expert, we will use all our skills and experience to make your power plant a success.

Independent assessment for the planning stage and beyond

Questions of which electrical components to select or how to design these can crop up during the initial planning and design stage of your power plant. MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH is here to offer you independent and reliable support. We will evaluate your electrical planning in terms of compliance with the latest mains connection guidelines (VDE-AR-N 4110, VDE-AR-N 4120, VDE-AR-N 4130), as well as the technical connection conditions imposed by each grid operator. Take advantage of the years of experience our team has to offer to protect yourself against unexpected costs caused by retrofits or extensions to your power plant caused by power factor correction systems etc.

What does a power plant appraisal include?

At MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH, our appraisals of the electrical properties of power plants at the mains connection point are tailored to each project and conducted in consultation with you, our customer. Elements they assess include:

  • dimensions of the power plant’s operating equipment with respect to short-circuit resistance and constant current load;
  • reactive power provision and static voltage stability at the mains connection point;
  • circuit feedback from the power plant (flicker, harmonics etc.); and/li>
  • the dynamic behaviour of the power plant in case of network errors (LVRT, HVRT, voltage support through feeding in reactive power etc.).

Important: Please note that this is a simple appraisal and assessment of the power plant for conformity with the mains connection guidelines and mains connection conditions. Because of our accreditation, we cannot offer advice or help with planning for your power plant. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the appraisal and assessment. Get in touch now:!