Green light for your mains connection

Declaration of conformity

A plant certificate is only evidence that the electrical planning for connecting a power plant to the mains is compliant with the guidelines. Grid operators additionally require a so-called power plant declaration of conformity in order to ensure that the power plant is set up correctly after being put into operation. This declaration is also issued by an accredited certification body such as MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH.

What is checked in the declaration of conformity?

A declaration of conformity checks that the power plant has been set up in compliance with the certified planning and therefore confirms that the applicable mains connection regulations have been fulfilled in practice. The inspection covers elements such as the implementation of:

  • requirements from the unit certificate(s);
  • requirements from the component certificate(s);
  • requirements from the plant certificate (functionality of control and protection systems, parameterisation of generation units, dimensions of operating equipment etc.).

Presenting this evidence to the grid operator represents the end of the statutory evidence process required for connecting a power plant to the mains.

What is the deadline for submitting the declaration to the grid operator?

Pursuant to the latest technical guidelines (VDE-AR-N 4110, VDE-AR-N 4120), the declaration of conformity for a power plant must be submitted to the grid operator six months after the entire power plant is put into operation, and no later than twelve months after the first generation unit is put into operation. Following this, the plant operator will receive final permission to operate their power plant.

What is important in the commissioning declaration?

The declaration of conformity is based on the plant certificate and also the commissioning declaration for the power plant. This commissioning documentation is prepared either by the connection recipient themselves or by a qualified body commissioned by the same, before being provided to the certification body. These bodies include electrical planners and plant builders.

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