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Your partner for A, B, C plant certification

MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH is your certification body for certifying power plants for mains integration according to the technical connection regulations for medium voltage (VDE-AR-N 4110), high voltage (VDE-AR-N 4120) and extra-high voltage (VDE-AR-N 4130). We have comprehensive accreditations, the best network and a vast amount of experience in the area of renewable energy. Join us now to help push the energy transition forwards together!

When do I need a plant certificate?

As soon as you want to connect a power plant or energy storage system to the network of a responsible grid operator in Germany, you need to provide evidence according to the latest mains connection regulations. This evidence has to be provided by an accredited and authorised certification body such as MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH.

Declaration of conformity for new plants and expansions/h3>

As a neutral expert, we provide evidence of the conformity of the electrical properties of your local energy power plant. We do this based on the applicable technical guidelines and conditions for mains connections. Our customers include operators, planners, and project managers of plants working in wind energy, solar power, combustion engines/CHP units and storage systems. Can’t see your industry listed? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Appraisals, certification and declarations of conformity

We can also guide you through integrating your power plant into the medium, high or extra-high voltage grid. Our goal is to increase the quality of power plants, starting in the planning stage and accompanying them through to operation. Eco-friendly energy is our passion so we also support research projects aimed at increasing sustainability using “renewables – Made in Germany”. Trust MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH to be your high-performing independent partner for more green energy!



Get planning security with an independent appraisal of your electrical power plant.

Plant certification

Plant certification

Provide your grid operator with evidence that your power plant conforms to the guidelines.

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity

Use your plant certificate to verify that the set-up and commissioning of your plant is compliant.

7 benefits of MKH Greenergy Cert

  • A full certification process all under one roof, for convenience and peace of mind

  • A direct contact partner to provide personal care and support

  • Benefit from our strong network of grid operators, manufacturers, e-planners and more

  • Our appraisers are recognised and licensed by the FGW Committee

  • Years of experience assessing the electrical properties of power plants with respect to grid integration

  • Our experts know the technical properties of all major manufacturers of generating units and components

  • We have comprehensive guideline expertise: VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE-AR-N 4110, VDE-AR-N 4120, FGW TR 8, BDEW MSR 2008, SDL WindV, TC-2007.

Accreditation from MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH

Pursuant to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065, certification bodies in Germany require a valid accreditation from the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) in order to issue plant certificates. This regulatory body sets high standards for organisation, impartiality, quality management and the professional qualification of the staff of a certification body. MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH has satisfied this accreditation for years.

Quality confirmed by DAkkS

MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH’s adherence to these criteria has been repeatedly confirmed by DAkkS. Our accreditation (reg. no.: D-ZE-19599-01-00) is valid for certifying the electrical properties of power plants with respect to grid integration to the extent described in the annex to Accreditation Certificate D-ZE-19599-01-00.

Expertise & skills for green energy

Our team works on integrating renewable energy plants into the grid with passion and dedication. We want to make the energy transition a reality together with you!

All our inspection engineers have academic training in electrical engineering or electrical technology and years of experience assessing electrical systems and networks.

Our appraisers are licensed by the a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>FGW Advisory Council to issue plant certificates, confirming their high level of expertise and ensuring the quality of our certification activities. So you can enjoy peace of mind when planning and implementing your local energy plant.

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